The difference is Ecosustainable

Zeco develops projects in harmony with the surrounding environment and considers all that concerns research and development of green industry.
Zeco focuses its own research in the planning and realization of mini-hydroelectric plants, to preserve every single drop of water.
Low visibility and streamlined design, small size power plants represent a step forward to a more sustainable hydroelectric industry.
Contrarily to the traditional great dimensional power plants, the mini hydroelectric shows a very low environmental impact on the landscape, it does not require large water flows, nor does it require the implementation of dams.
Out of all renewable energies, the mini hydroelectric is considered the most reliable due to its continual electric power supply.
Zeco technology allows an effective exploitation of the wide energy potential represented by the hydro head of small streams and irrigation channels.


Zeco team intent always looks towards the recovery of energetic resources: other than rivers and streams, Zeco uses the aqueducts and drinking water networks potential by providing an advanced technology able to turn the kinetic energy of the water motion into electricity. With the installation of a small system connected to an alternator, we are able to satisfy most of the energy consumer’ needs, thanks to the power generated by this small power plant.


Planning the advancement and developing the electricity correctly is necessary in order to provide contribution for the improvement of the developing Countries’ living standards: the Zeco philosophy reflects its owner ethics and values and for this reason it actively cooperates with No Profit Organizations in order to provide electricity for locals of rural communities in Countries such as Africa, where many power plants have already been installed. Advantage wise, the channel system and the use of hydro force allow the creation of many development projects.


Zeco headquarters has been entirely constructed in accordance with sustainable architecture parameters to increase efficiency and to better represent the company’s DNA. Surrounded by glass walls facing a hilly landscape, our office area consist of open spaces where the whole lighting system is able to provide guaranteed brightness. The new generation LED are connected to movement detector sensors, gaining a considerable power saving. Furthermore, the whole building has been insulated with particular attention to minimize any possible heat loss.