A power plant summarizes all the features of a power system and has draftsman face subject matters regarding the generation, the distribution and the use of electric power. Zeco technical office holds the necessary skills to analyze both electric and automation planning and it constantly researches technical solutions customized for the Clients requests and needs. Zeco assembles each control panel in its own production workshop and processes it to functional tests by connecting it directly to the turbine. Every product is a unique piece resulted by a long-time experience.

ZECO Turbine Controller

To automate a power plant means to increase the performance, to connect each action to accurate measures and prompt analysis.
Zeco satisfies this need through a system based on PLC SIEMENS, SIMATIC series. Each turbine is equipped with its own CPU, that guarantees the operation at the best conditions, ensuring this way the most performance.
PLC logic allows an automatic operation, when unmanned power plant in parallel with main grid and isolated grid conditions.
Completely manual operations are possible when using buttons and analog indicators.


ZECO Protection System and Excitation

In order to guarantee the most plant life time it is necessary to always control and protect every main component.
Zeco protection system is based on protection electronic relays, capable of instantly detect any electrical damage and to operate by opening electric circuit.
Every protection is connected to the automation system. It can be set and checked at any time, also by remote control, being able to respond to any request of regulation and operation.
For each generator Zeco selects the best voltage regulator according to the power plant features, it studies a calibration plan and to operates the commissioning.


ZECO SCADA and Remote Control

Information Promptness and anticipation capacity are impossible to achieve without an accurate monitoring of each single measure in power plant.
For each power plant, ZECO builds graphic pages to monitor and manage all the plant components. The management can be local trough Touch Screen or by remote through a safe and protected internet connection.
Notifications, Alarms and Reports can be sent through email or sms and are totally customized to the Customer’s needs.


ZECO Balance of Plant Electrical (BoP)

For its clients ZECO is a unique technical interface and the guarantee of integration of different components in a high performance assemblyman.
Thanks to our engineers’ expertise ZECO is able to detail the specifications of every BoP component, to track purchases, to execute quality control tests, installation and commissioning.


  • Power Transformer
  • MV Switchgear
  • Static Frequency Converter
  • Station Supply AC/DC
  • Cable System
  • Emergency Diesel
  • Light and Small Power
  • Earthing and Lightning