2016 HPCwire Award for Zeco using Fortissimo

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11/16/2016, Salt Lake City, Utah

Every year, HPCwire conducts our annual Readers’ Choice Awards to recognize the best and the brightest developments that happened in HPC over the last 12 months. These awards, which are nominated and voted on by the global HPC community are announced and presented during the annual Supercomputing Conference, this year being held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

These annual awards are highly coveted as prestigious recognition of achievement by the HPC community, and are given in the form of both “Readers’ Choice” and “Editors’ Choice.”

The 2016 HPCwire Award Editors’ Choice in the category “Best Use of HPC Application in the Energy Industry” has been given to ZECO (represented by Eng. Bergamin Riccardo),  CINECA, and FORTISSIMO!

Italian SME Zeco used 450k CPU hours on CINECA’s Galileo cluster through the Fortissimo HPC Cloud interface to develop a new type of Kaplan turbine. Claudio Arlandini from Cineca is taken over the 2016 HPCwire Award at the SC16 Conference in Salt Lake City, USA.


More information about the project  and about the award: